Now with Unlimited LIVE STREAMING.  Start streaming hundreds of movies from Sugar Instant on your Roku today. All service plans include unlimited Roku TV streaming at no additional cost. Adding the Sugar Instant channel is easy.

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Fees: $9.95/mo


Review of SugarInstant Roku

 All SugarInstant service plans also includes unlimited adult movie streaming on PC and Mac. The new app requires no downloading, or discs. Users can watch over a thousand new release HD movies instantly on their computer for less than $8 a month. 

 SugarDVD - Top PickUser comments have been very positive – “Best deal on Roku presently as it relates to adult content”.  In business since 2002.  Priced at $8/mo for unlimited streaming with a large streaming library.  New content is continuously being added.  We have and continue to recommend

Your unlimited streaming subscription is not just for the Roku, but XBox, PS3, GoogleTV, IPAD, Android, WII U, PC/MAC.  SugarInstant is rapidly expanding into additional markets with recent announcements in June for PC/Mac and android in July 2013.

Have issues with subscription or streaming?  We like the fact SugarInstant has a customer support contact number to call to talk to someone live.  If your concerned about cancelling?  You can cancel your rental membership at anytime by visiting the My Account page and clicking on “Cancel” under the “Rental Membership Details” section.

  • Device: Roku
  • Channel Type: Private
  • Category: Adult